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You can host your landing page anywhere. But all back-end and user's accounts are better to be hosted on our server.
In order to connect our software to your landing page, create subdomain for accouns like "" and make some DNS recordings given by our team.
Yes, you can if you buy a licence for our full price. We will give you all compilated files and instructions.

Yes, you can see it by this link and be sure that it's 100% secure

Don't forget to buy license from us.

Windows Server 2016

Microsoft SQL Server 2016, MS SQL Express

IIS 7+ with opened Web Deploy ports

min Xeon E5

min 2Gb RAM

Just put this script to landing page code and follow instructions in file:

Yes, you can access to HTML & CSS files via FTP to change colors of front-end. But dont forget to make back-up before updates!

You can install Ethereum Wallet

or use

Don't forget to save keystore (JSON) file and public address of the owner of smart contract (address of wallet from which smart contract was deployed)

To generate bytecode use

Then go to => Contracts => Deploy Contract. Put bytecode and sign transaction with Keystore/JSON file

It must have this function:

function send(address addr, uint amount) public onlyOwner {
sendp(addr, amount);

Download example of contract wich works with our system.

Possible reasons:

  • The smart contract is incorrectly configured. Check the address of the smart contract; the address of the owner (issuer of tokens) of the contract; loaded keystore / JSON file (for administrator of tokensale).
  • There is not enough ETH on the address of the issuer of the contract. Check if there is enough ETH. Usually 0.5 ETH already suffices for payment of the commission for sending tokens
  • The token buyer did not set the ETH address to deliver the tokens.
  • The token buyer did not pass the KYC (Know your customer) procedure. Actually, if the organizer of the sale of tokens has put the mandatory condition for the passage of this procedure by all buyers of tokens.
  • The amount paid is less than the minimum amount set by the organizer of the sale of tokens. The decision: to pay the missing amount to the address specified in the order.
  • The organizer of the sale of tokens set a delay in the delivery of tokens. Tokens will be delivered as soon as the condition specified in the public offer / white paper posted on the website of the organizer of the token sale comes into force, after which all buyers will receive the purchased tokens.

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