Using our technologies, software and experience
We helped to raise $ 290 121 967,14

We provide stand alone software solution for tokensale (STO/ ICO) without any clouds and risk of trust to third party. Keep all private keys on your side ("NoWallet-NoHack") with KYC services and stay in safe on legal field.


Nice dashboard
Flexible design and all you need to know in one place
Comfort for Investor
Make investments right after registration, catch best conditions!
Tune your campaign
Customize all you need from token price to texts and pics on page
Total security
No third parties, only p2p transactions on blockchain, no sencitive data in platform.
Automate AML/KYC solution with deep check
Visa & MC payments
Connect any kind of payment gateway, takefiat money to your bank account.

Accept payments p2p

Accept payments with Visa/MasterCard, Bitcoin and Ethereum for your tokens directly on addresses and accounts on your controll.

Send tokens to Investor p2p

Send tokens to your investor's blockchain wallets automatically or manually during or right after payment directly.

Launching in 1 day!

  1. Install software on your MS Azure free account

  2. Insert link into the landing page

  3. Tune payment methods

  4. Integrate smart-contract

No third parties control

All transactions are made by users on blockchain and are not controlled by us or third parties. It is totally safe standalone "your property solution".

Why to use StartICO platform

Fiat Payment Gateways

We provide integrations with payment gateways who accept crypto projects

Automated KYC/AML checks

We make all automated and manual KYC/AML checks for you to keep your project in legal field. We detect fake documents, check more than 1000 black lists world wide!

Total securuty and control

All payments, user data, controlled by founder without 3-d parties participation. Totally stand alone solution.

Launch ICO in 1 (one) business day

We launch any kind of ICO project in one business day. You can start your token sale on next day after call!

Flexible API interface

You can build mobile apps of develop any kind of front-end design of investor's dashboard.

Marketing data collection

Any kind od marketing data collection and transferring it to any system to manage marketing campaign.

ICO we provided

Total raised with StartICO platform:

$ 290 121 967,14

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